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Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Terror Behind Lucia Joaquin; The Milennial Ghost of the Philippines

People around the world finds it hard to stay away from the grandiose world of social media. It seems like we are in an era of selfies, instant news and even instant friendships. Well, there is no problem with that as long as you don't put yourself to grave danger. But how will someone react when the seemingly innocent online chat turns out to be a deadly encounter from a cursed soul? The whole web was taken by storm through a very odd and creepy story of Lucia Joaquin. Who is Lucia Joaquin? She might be the new urban legend that's out to terrify the "milennials"  or also known as the young generation in the age of social media.

Who is Lucia Joaquin and how come she took social media by storm? For starters, her claim to fame is through the numerous posts reacting to a video circulating around a conversation between her and a man named Enzo Cruz. Is she for real? Will she give the Filipino urban legend department a new face? These are the questions circulating online. It was said that it all started with creepy chat conversation of Lucia Joaquin and Enzo Cruz.

The Terror Behind Lucia Joaquin

Now that you are done watching the clip before or you intentionally skipped playing it, let me ask you a question. Have you experienced waking up at the wickedly infamous "witching hour" 3:00 AM? Waking up at 3AM without any reason? This was said to be experienced by Enzo Cruz. From the story circulating online, he woke up at 3am to go to loo or go to the comfort room. After peeing, he went back to bed but was unable to go back to sleep. Knowing the milennials, he just decided to go online and logged in to his Facebook account thinking that this would help him to come back from sleep. Little did he know that he is in for a spooky treat.


Suddenly, an unknown online contact that goes by the name Lucia Joaquin started to have an online chat with him. Unknowingly to what the terror he is about to face, Enzo replied friendly enough to anything that this unknown Lucia Joaquin is saying, Lucia Joaquin is depicted with a profile picture that is too dark to see. It is too dark that you won't see how she looks. Enzo tried to ask her about any clear photo but Lucia reasoned out about her not-so-clear profile photo. She used that she’s just new to Facebook and that her room was too dark when she took the photo. Enzo friendly suggested Lucia to use the flash feature of her phone since we are now living in the selfie generation wherein we can easily take photos with decent phones. Enzo unknowingly started the terror that he is about to encounter.

After exchanging pleasantries to each other, Enzo suggested his new friend to take a photo of herself. Lucia acknowledged the suggestion and even told him that the next time they exchange messages, they will be having a photo together. Enzo considered about it and said that when they meet each other personally, they can take a photo together. Lucia sent eerie messages afterwards hinting about their photo together to be taken anytime soon. Enzo tried to play it cool until he received a photo showing him in his room, exactly how he looks at that night. But this time, everything comes full circle as he sees the photo of himself with a creepy being beside him. Lucia is with him all this time to terrify him.


Sunday, April 23, 2017

Cursed Kleenex Commercial

Promoting a product is not an easy thing to do. You need to make sure you know your market. And when you know your market, you will try to get their attention. And that's the hardest part, how do you attract your market to try your product? That's why commercials and print advertisements are truly crucial for companies. But what happens when the commercial turns out to be cursed? Paranormal curse, as we speak.

Is it going to be a good publicity for the product or is it the end of it? Looks like a famous tissue product had a first hand experience with an alleged "cursed" commercial. The cursed commercial was dubbed by urban legends expert to be so cursed that it played the lives of  the people involved in it in a very terrifying way.


The Haunted Origin of the Cursed Kleenex Commercial from Japan

In 1985, Japanese television viewers began to complain extensively about a certain Kleenex tissues commercial which they found to be extremely unsettling that whenever it is on, they can't stop getting goosebumps. The spot was one of three Kleenex ads produced for Japanese TV in 1986, the woman in the video is Keiko Matsuzaka; and the strange-looking baby is dressed as a demon from Japanese mythology. But that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from churning out a particularly chilling urban legend. The ad depicted the strange and grumpy red devil child sitting on a bale of hay while a young woman innocently attempted to cheer it up with a floating tissue, all to the tune of Jane and Barton’s 1983 famous song “It’s a Fine Day”.

Another theory is that the curse actually originated from the song playing in the background is an old German curse. It’s a Fine Day was written by Edward Barton and sung by Jane Lancaster. The song was nevertheless great and the product is truly useful but the complaints just kept on coming. Whether the campaign actually moved tissues in Japan is still unknown. What is known is that it did move Japanese viewers to call for the commercial to be taken off of the air. Well, it is not that common to be hearing Japanese people being vocal about their complaints so when this happens, it is a sure sign that something eerie or strange is going on.


According to the urban legend, the curse of the Kleenex commercial all started with the crew. The cameraman was said to have been burned to death in a bizarre sauna malfunction incident that sounds like it could have been a scene from the famous horror franchise Final Destination films. Some even claimed that by the time the commercial started to air, the entire crew was already dead, each one of them got to meet their own death through a bizarre yet accidental manner. To be fair, Matsuzaka is still alive and working today

Cursed Kleenex

Though it is not yet proven, some people are still convinced that this commercial is haunted and it may be connected to multiple deaths. After the recording of the ad was posted to YouTube on May 23, 2006, more than one individual has reported experiencing frightening phenomena when the clip was played during midnight. Some even say that watching the video at midnight caused some viewers to go insane and commit suicide. Do you dare to watch it?


Regardless of the reality behind the urban legend, it’s still a creepy advertisement if you ask meI. What I'm trying to say is that how can someone relate a demon baby's relevance with facial tissues? Is he some sort of dirt that can be wiped off by a facial tissue that easy? Or it is a reminder that some creepy rituals are hidden and disguises itself in advertisements? That’s the real mystery that we might unravel in a fine day.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Terrifying Urban Legend of Hikiko San, The Bullied Ghost

Nowadays, we can see various kinds of platforms to prevent bullying and abuse. Bullying is never okay as it endangers people not only physically, but also their emotional and mental capacities are also being hurt. Well, it is now on us to prevent bullying unless we want to see the menace of Hikiko-San. We don't need another Hikiko-san roaming the world because it would freak the crap out of anyone who gets to encounter her.

Hikiko is popularly known as the bullied ghost from Japan. Her terror is a famous urban legend of a girl who got beat up and bullied to death. She craves for revenge. To have her revenge, she targets students from various schools, as long as there is a bully, Hikiko-san will be there to teach them a wicked lesson.


Hikiko San

Her story is known to be famous that it became a good way to prevent bullies from harming their victims. Hikiko-san is a young girl. She gets beaten by her parents at home, causing her to be slightly deformed. This deformity causes Hikiko-san to be bullied by her classmates. One day, it all became too much for her and she committed suicide, though some also claims that she was killed by her father. She came back from the dead to have her revenge.



Aside from the lore that it had featured in the silver screen, there is another tale about Hikiko. One day, a girl who's a known bully was walking down some stairs down a bridge when she thought she saw a girl walking and holding her teddy bear as she looked closer it was a zombie-like girl dragging a human body.The girl ran due to fear but she tripped and Hikiko got her and dragged her until she got decapitated from the vengeful ghost. It is said that one of the boys from Hikiko's class saw her spirit after her death. She was dragging the lifeless body of one of her tormentors behind her. When he told the police about it, Hikiko-san killed him that same night.



There is another tale that goes about Hikiko's terror. There were some beliefs that she would attack an entire school, decapitating people or pulling off their limbs. Then, she would drag the bodies or limbs behind her, covering the walls and floor in blood. Any unlucky folks who unknowingly gets to enter the building during one of these attacks becomes part of the dead list. Afterwards, the school would be shut down and abandoned due to the havoc she caused.



Because Hikiko-san is recognized for her long black hair that often hangs in front of her face, she became the inspiration for Samara (Sadako Yamamura) in the Ring trilogy. Well, if her infamous tales of attacks aren't enough to scare you, then here is another story about her from elginpk.com:

"Hi, my name is Hana, i'm a student from the high school and today is when i must go to my little brother's elementary school to bring him home.Usually is my mother that would do this but she had to do a job in other city so i would have to take care of my brother and our house for two days.  
No, i'm not a troublemaker, in fact i'm a very responsible person, i'm the number one in my class, i excel in every sport and i love my brother too much to fight with him, so he is in good hands.  
So, now is 19:00 hours and i was suposed to have reached my brother's school 30 minutes earlier but the train was so slow because it someone had fall down in the railways so i had to wait before the train reached the closest station to jump into another one.

When i got to the gates i noticed that nobody was there, which is strange considering that the teachers only leave after all the students have been taken.Not even the security was in sight. 
As i was entered the door i saw something that made me throw up, it was the sight of blood on the walls and on the floor.  I prayed hard for my brother don't hurt, or worse, dead.  
As i passed by the classrooms i saw that everything was out of the place, as if someone tried to hold the chairs and desks but something pulled them and knocked down the objects.  
I needed to use the stairs to go to the second floor(my brother's class) but the lights on the entire floor were down so i got from my pocket my flashlight of emergency(yes, i try to be ready to any circumstance) and let me say that i started to regret doing this.
On the whole extension of the corridor lots of kid's bodies were either decapitated and/or missing some limbs, it was awful.How the teachers didn't do a thing?!
Fear started to run through my veins as i entered all the classrooms on the floor, only to be met by blood and body's pieces. 

Finally i got to the last classroom, i opened the door, my heart beating so loud that even my respiration seemed more like a whisper.My hands were sweating and my eyes blinked fast to clean them from the non-existent dirty.  
I opened the door and in front of me was a girl, her skin was gray, lifeless, her long and black hair covered her face but even without it i couldn't see clearly her eyes nor her mouth.What i saw though shocked me to my very core.  
In one of her hands was a kid's arm, but it wasn't anyone's arm.It was my brother's arm, i knew it because it had the bracelet that i made for him as a sign of our friendship and love.That arm had patches of blood on the end where it should be connected to a shoulder.  
I was afraid, i froze but i was also angry. I was felling too much emotions to think clearly so my body acted itself and made me run in the girl's direction.I grabbed her clothes so tight that my fingers were turning white from the loss of blood circulation.
I wanted to kill her, but deep inside me i knew that i would never get my revenge since she was already dead.

I saw my mother, she was crying together with our father in front of our graves.Yes, the fall killed me since i fell from two floors and right on the gate.The metal had broken my spine and damaged almost all of my organs. 
The "killer" was never found, the school was closed and abandoned.
I didn't revenged my brother but now, both of us are watching over our parents, protecting them from any danger, waiting the day that they'll reunite with us.
Sometime later mysterious deaths of elementary kids were reported in dozens of schools around Japan, it was her again, Hikiko-san."

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Casa Encantada; The Most Haunted House in Spain

Most horror movie plots takes place in the eerie ambience of haunted places. The most perfect example for that would be haunted houses or mansions. There's a certain creepiness that goes with any plot if it revolves around haunted places. Well, what if there's an actual haunted house in the real world and it is still being dragged in history as a great shocker? Let us know Casa Encantada or also known as Cortijo Jurado. It also means "enchanted house"  and it was built in the 19th century.

It was bought and constructed by the Heredia family of Malaga, one of the wealthiest families of Andalucia, Spain, at that time. There are 365 windows in the mansion, on for each day of the year. It was constructed as part of a plan to make the farm into a grand agricultural enterprise. The legends about it started around the year 1850. Mysterious figures were said to be walking around, lights in rooms that appear and disappear, objects moving for apparently no reason, strange noises. Many stories revolved around this creepy house, in which terrible crimes and tortures were supposed to have happened a long time ago.


Casa Encantada

 In 1925, the Jurado family gained control of the property. In Malaga, they call it "the haunted mansion". This is because there are ghostly apparitions that appear, mysterious voices scream out, and unexplained sound come from the building. It is known as the most haunted building in Spain and is a kind of temple for those who believe in the paranormal realm. People claims that they saw numerous apparitions from the house despite its abandonment. It was believed that the property was hard to get sold or when anyone risks to inhabit the property, they can't stay that long due to the number of ghostly apparitions from the haunted house.



The legend goes that the Heredia family would get together with other rich families of the time. Together, the families would kidnap girls between the ages of 18 and 21. The poor victims would be subjected to dark satanic rituals, some involving rape and murder. They say that the bodies of the young girls are buried within the property. The legends about this house are shocking since it is about terrible tortures and murders of little girls for the sake of "satanic rituals" and it is never accepted. The young girls were said to have undergone very cruel and bloody methods. At that time, the house was inhabited by this very rich family, lots of young girls disappeared and some neighbors talked about screams and strange noises begging for freedom at night. While many girls actually did go missing during the time, no one can prove that the Heredia family was the culprit.


In this modern era, the haunted house is still getting waves due to a recent visit from it done by group of teenagers who wants to test the paranormal phenomena of Casa Encantada. The most famous story revolves around a group of 5 young people who entered the house and conducted an ouija board session inside. According to them, they got the opportunity to contact a little girl called "Elena" - so were the letters indicated on the ouija table. The girl was said to be 12 years old and she had been murdered there. The next words who followed "murder" were "lots of pain" then "kidnap" and when the group asked if she was alone in the haunted house and where she was buried, she replied the creepy remarks "not alone","girls", "patio" and "4(metres)". Then, the group came running away totally scared and while on their way, they witnessed a light that was pointing to a place on the patio.


paranormal phenomena of Casa Encantada

The ghosts of Casa Encantada were said to be the victims of Heradia family and they yearn for justice and freedom from the house who brought them torture and eventually, their death. Locals claimed that the wealthy family actually used their money and influence to pay off the authorities in order to evade justice. Whatever the truth may be, the people who believes in paranormal phenomenons still believes that the pain and suffering that happened within the house caused its spooky reputation. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

If you will be asked about what significant change you have noticed in the past few years, what will you answer? Well, everyone in the globe are now involved in the interactive world of Internet and its addictive "offspring" - the Social Media. Social Media will go down in history as one of the most innovative gifts of the Internet.

 But what would you do if it also goes along with a "curse" and it is not just a simple one. What if the curse will cost you your own life? Just like the popular urban legend from Japan - "The Red Room."

Red Room

Red Room (赤い部屋 Akai heya) is an interactive Adobe Flash horror animation, entirely in Japanese, about an urban legend called "the Red Room". The protagonist searches on the Internet for proof of its existence, only for the results to go horribly wrong.



Well, it looks like the desire of monsters and paranormal entities are upping their game in order to satisfy their human flesh cravings. These entities find delight in murdering innocent teens in Japan and now, they have gone online as well. The Red Room is a very famous example of this so-called phenomenon. It is an internet pop-up that announces your forthcoming death, and you can do nothing about it since no pop-up blocker can ever stop it from claiming its victim. So, if you are chosen as the Red Room’s next victim, the best thing you can do is compose a good goodbye letter to your loved ones, for death is sure to come shortly afterwards. Isn't that creepy?


The Terrifying "RED ROOM" Curse That AimsTo Kill Netizens

To enlighten you more about this legend, the dreaded pop-up that goes with a curse instantly appears as a red window with Japanese lettering that translates to, “Do you like … ?)” accompanied by a cute but sinister voice reading it aloud. Of course, you will want to escape it by closing it but apparently, there seems to be no escape with the red room curse. When you try to exit the window, things get worse; no matter what you do, the window cannot be closed. Each click of the mouse reveals more letters until the message will finally read, “Do you like The Red Room?” Once the full message is revealed, the computer screen is swathed in red and a list of names will appear on the red backdrop – names of the victims of the Red Room. What follows soon afterwards is the victim’s death, by suicide.


The Terrifying "RED ROOM" Curse That AimsTo Kill Netizens

Why is it called the Red Room? There are many theories about it. First one, they say it is a room that has many victims dying in it. Second, it is like the theory in the movie "The Shining" wherein Red Room or Redrum translates to Murder in reverse. Third, IT IS THE COLOR OF HELL'S ENVIRONMENT. Well,  but here's the more famous reason, before the master of the red room claims his new victim, he paints his room with his own blood. How does he do it? No one knows. Now, do you dare to anticipate to receive the message from the infamous "RED ROOM?"

Saturday, April 8, 2017

They say, love knows no boundaries and only death can keep a couple apart from each other. But what happens when the dearly departed does not want to accept death and still wants to cling on to his/her loved one?

 And in turn, by doing it, costs innocent lives at risk and fear will surround them?

This is the famous urban legend's premise from Thailand that never ceases to reach borders due to its sinister tale.

The Creepy Legend of Mae Nak from Thailand

They say, love knows no boundaries and only death can keep a couple apart from each other. But what happens when the dearly departed does not want to accept death and still wants to cling on to his/her loved one? And in turn, by doing it, costs innocent lives at risk and fear will surround them? This is the famous urban legend's premise from Thailand that never ceases to reach borders due to its sinister tale. Let's all revisit the story of Mae Nak Phra Khanong from Thailand. Mae Nak Phra Khanong (แม่นากพระโขนง) means "Lady Nak of Phra Khanong", or simply Mae Nak (แม่นาก, "Lady Nak") or Nang Nak (นางนาก, "Miss Nak"), is a well-known Thai female ghost. According to local tales, the story is based on events that took place during the reign of King Rama IV.

The Origin of the Vengeful Spirit of Mae Nak 


The story revolves around a couple from Thailand who once lived during the reign of King Mongkut. It was set in the 1851-1868 era wherein a beautiful girl named Nak, happily married to a man named Tid Mak. The love between them gave them a wonderful gift as Nak got pregnant with their child. The love story took a turn when Tid Mak was called to serve in the Army, requiring him to leave his pregnant wife. While Tid Mak was away for army duties, Nak suffered a fatal complication while giving birth and unfortunately, died along with her child. Tid Mak was not aware of it. Nak and her child but due to her deep love for her husband, Nak refused to cross over the other side and instead remained as a ghost in their house. When Tid Mak returned home, still unaware of his wife’s death, he found his beautiful wife and child waiting for him.

Mae Nak

This is not just a simple ghost story since it includes Nak mercilessly killing anyone who might reveal the truth to her husband. Not wanting his husband to know of their death, Nak killed anyone who attempted to warn her husband that he was living with a ghost. And for a time they lived a life full of happiness and love, while there are ongoing brutal deaths of their neighbors who tries to be nosy.

The End of Nak's Vengeance

The End of Nak's Vengeance

But as the saying goes, truth will not be forever hidden or kept as Nak could not have it her way forever, as fate tried to intervene between her hideous plot. One day, as Nak was preparing lunch for her husband, she accidentally dropped a fruit off the porch. She quickly reached out to catch it, but in her rush, she overstretched her arm, elongating it in a very creepy way. In Thai culture and beliefs, Thai ghosts are known to have the ability of elasticity in inhuman proportions. Nak did not know that Tid Mak saw the whole thing and came to a realization that Nak was a ghost. Tid Mak was scared and did not want to spend his life with a ghost. He immediately fled their house that night and took refuge inside a holy temple so that Nak could not chase after him. When Nak realized that Tid Mak had fled, her grief knew no bounds. It enraged her. Grief quickly turned to anger and she went on a murdering rampage. The neighbors hired an exorcist to lock her up in an earthenware jar to trap her spirit in it and got tossed over the canal. For many years afterwards, the village was at peace.

Nak's Return

And the village lived happily ever af... Oh wait. It's not yet the end of Nak's undying conquest to wreck havoc in Thailand. Several years later her capture, someone accidentally fished out the jar from the canal and unwittingly released the ghost of Nak. And the murdering spree happened again but it did not last too long. Nak got captured again and this time, the one who vanquished her spirit was the famous Buddhist monk Somdej Toh, who imprisoned her spirit in the bone of her forehead and bound it on his waistband. When Somdej Toh died, the infamous relic was said to have passed on to the Royal Family to make sure Nak would not be released to do harm ever again. Her vengeful spirit is said to be kept by the Royal family to fully ensure everyone's safety.

The famous urban legend did not die as it became part of local folklore in Thailand and its story spread globally. Nak's story was revisited by the media as its plot made waves in series, movies, books, etc. Truly, Nak's impact can't be denied.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Trends in fashion, entertainment or even technology come and go. But one thing's for sure, a certain trend indicates a specific moment of time wherein following it had a purpose. And that purpose totally satisfied us within that brief moment of time. Some trends are totally just for fun while some depicts a creepy tone. Just like what is the tattoo trend these days that may signify the dreaded end times. It is becoming more and more popular these days and it symbolizes that the power of Satan may be behind it. What is this trend? It is the "insect tattoos."

 Many of the tattoos are integrated with symbols of significance in Ancient Egyptian origin. While many claim that these designs are beautiful expressions of ‘mother nature’, there is something much darker being portrayed in these creepy bugs being stained into the flesh. In this modern age of our mankind, are we approaching closely to the end times?

For starters. it was told that the end of Pharaoh’s reign in Ancient Egypt included the biblical plagues that rained down on the land when he would not release the children of Israel from his idolatrous and totally infamous bondage and slavery. One of the major plagues sent to devastate the poerful Pharaoh and his people was the plague of locusts that swarmed into Egypt and desolated the land. These biblical plagues were known to be from Exodus and the plagues of Revelation have many interwoven synchronicities that you might explore for yourself.

A major correlation of mind-boggling prophecy, in The Revelation given to John, it was revealded that there will be clouds of locusts (creatures) of the bottomless pit on ‘The Great and Terrible’ Day of The Lord. The hair-raising prophecy is as follows;
“And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit. And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power.” (Revelation 9:2-3 KJV Holy Bible)

Taking a first look at it, it may seem to be innocent, these pure seeming tattoos are littered hidden occult symbol and sacred geometry and this sacred geometry is the primary basis of the mathematical principles practiced at CERN in their studies of the Higgs Boson particle. CERN was partially founded upon a landmark cite for a temple to Apollo (Apollyon). According to RTNews:
“Many observers could not help but notice that the town in France where CERN is partially situated is called “Saint-Genus-Poilly.” The name Pouilly comes from the Latin “Appolliacum” and it is believed that in Roman times a temple existed in honor of Apollo, and the people who lived there believed that it is a gateway to the underworld. It is interesting to note that CERN is built on the same spot." - (RTNews)

These locust tattoos are known to be a strong spiritual representation of the human host body a.k.a the temple, it was now being transmuted into another species. Sacred geometry in all truth is simply the study of the flesh. It stems from the first two cells that intersected and we can trace it from way back in The Garden of Eden.



 It occurred when the fall of man occurred and the spiritual body was encapsulated into a flesh based paradigm which stems into the entire world system we live in today.

The body is dead without the spirit and therefore our bodies are merely a ‘shell’ for our spirit. Will there be new breeds of human beings as this trend goes on and on? Some say that this means the children of disobedience. Is Apollyon the mastermind of it all?

The Terrifying Cosmetic Sesame Urban Legend from Korea

In the modern day and age that we are living in, it is quite a necessity to look good. With the pressing demands to be accepted by the society, people tend to be so aware of different ways to make their appearance better. Well, there is no problem to that notion since it is our own prerogative to do what we want as long as we don't bother anyone in the process of doing it. What's scaring some people is the way how some can go and use desperate measures to achieve the "beauty" desired. Here's a famous urban legend from Korea and it will surely freak you out. It is entitled " Cosmetic Sesame" and you might give cosmetics a different look after knowing this legend.

The story goes like this:

The Terrifying Cosmetic Sesame Urban Legend from Korea

There was once a girl who was extremely conscious of her looks. She was determined to always look beautiful, and would try any beauty secret at hand. One day, she heard about a new beauty treatment from someone who professed that it was very good for the skin, leaving it smooth and silky

The Terrifying Cosmetic Sesame Urban Legend from Korea

The "wonderful' treatment involved mixing sesame seeds in the bath water and immersing in it for a couple of hours.

The Terrifying Cosmetic Sesame Urban Legend from Korea

The girl was excited to try it out, and rushed home to give it a go. When several hours had passed, and still the girl did not come out from the bathroom, her mother began to worry. But every time her mother asked the girl to come out already, the reply would always be “just a moment.”

In the end, the mother could no longer contain herself and forced open the bathroom door, and was shocked at what she saw. The sesame seed had dotted her daughter’s body; it had grown roots and latched on to her skin between every wrinkle and every pore. The girl, mad with grief for her lost beauty, was sitting in a corner and frantically trying to remove the seeds with a toothpick.

The Terrifying Cosmetic Sesame Urban Legend from Korea

This urban legend is truly effective in giving the spooks to its readers as it hits everyone's desire, hidden or not, to be attractive. It is part of our human nature to want to be attractive in the physical department. So, if you will read this story, you might freak out with the ways you are making yourself look good, right? Actually, the cosmetic sesame urban legend is somewhat similar to the "Cockroach Facial story" or "Lotus Girls" that has a premise of girls wanting to appear beautiful. This urban legend also shows just how obsessed most of the Korean girls are about their skin and appearance. This story was also reused in a recent horror movie called 전설의 고향 (The Hometown of Legends).