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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Who is Teresa Fidalgo? The Story Behind the Ghostly Urban Legend

Who is Teresa Fidalgo? The Story Behind the Ghostly Urban Legend

Chain letters are very creepy most of the time especially if it resembles a legitimate horror story that even goes with a video or picture of the said "ghost" Teresa Fidalgo is a notable example of the  horrifying "chain mail" phenomena that went viral in the 2000s. Let us all go a trip down memory lane as we revisit one epic yet freaky urban legend of Teresa Fidalgo. They refer Teresa Fidalgo as a ghost of a car crash that terrifies commuters, drivers and even computer-savvy peeps out there.


Teresa Fidalgo

Ever had that day when you come home from school or work. And then you try to relax so you open and check your phone. You browse various apps and you stumble upon a certain video and see a message attached to it. You read it and you realize it's a piece of chain mail with a threat! The catch is if you don't forward it to 10 people, you'll get a horrifying consequence! Well, it is not a brand new experience for everyone 'cause it has been going on for a long time already.
"I am Teresa Fidalgo and if you don’t post this on 20 other photos I will sleep with you forever, A girl ignored and her mom died 29 days later. You can even search me on google."
 That was the chain mail that went viral years ago from a certain Teresa Fidalgo. Sure thing it would be creepy to see a message like this. What more if you watch a video of Teresa terrifying her innocent victims? There was a video uploaded to various sites before that seems to be the found footage short wherein we get to see a car of friends driving in the mountains when they pick up a hitchhiker going by the name Teresa Fidalgo. Teresa was seen in the video as an innocent yet mysterious young lass. Mostly silent, the video turns to a horror route as she eventually points to a spot in the road ahead of the car where she "died" and it caused the group of friends to panic. The fear intensifies with the camera panning back to her to show her face suddenly bloody before the car crashes. You can watch the video below,



Teresa Fidalgo

Who is Teresa Fidalgo?  Is there a concrete evidence to her real existence? Sources say that Teresa was a girl living in Portugal. In 1983, she took a car in a highway but the car later met an accident. The accident cost her life. That's where the ghost stories turns to life as some years later, she was found to be standing in the same place where she died. A couple even accepted her for hitchhiking and they were having a conversation in the car. 

Teresa Fidalgo

At first, Teresa Fidalgo appeared to be calm and they had a lovely conversation. But soon, the face of Teresa Fidalgo became bloody and she screamed seriously. The couple was scared and shocked and their car clashed. When the police found the clashed car, the car was badly damaged and the couple died. There was no sign of the appearance of Teresa Fidalgo because her body was not found there. The ghost story was so identical with the horrifying video that was uploaded in the internet during the early 2000s. The police found a video which recorded the conversation mentioned above. In other words, the video was one of the evidences showing the existence of the ghost of Teresa Fidalgo. According to the police and their official record testifies that Teresa Fidalgo really died in 1983 for a car accident. 

Teresa Fidalgo

Therefore, it is safe to say that the Teresa Fidalgo ghost story created many rumors and gave birth to chain letters. Many people think that it was a real thing but some people thought that the video was just a horror film and it was not something true at all. No matter what its real origin, the video had created a lot of discussions between people. Many people said that the video was just a horror movie clip.

IS SHE FOR REAL?                                       

If you think it ends there, think again. Many years have passed and a certain ‘survivor’ came out and he was called David. He was mentally ill so he could not tell everything clearly. But according to people who assisted him, David was one of the survivors in the accident who left the place after the accident occurred. Therefore, the police did not find him at that moment. Of course, this is not a valid thing according to some people. They have found that in the conversation between the couple and the ghost there should only be three people and David could not be the forth. Although David claimed himself to be the cameraman at that video, some people still doubted whether that was a true thing.

Teresa Fidalgo got a scary reputation since then and was later regarded as the white lady. It was partly because she wore the white dress when she was in the video. This somehow increased the mysterious feeling of many people because this type of white dress and horror situation greatly matches the traditional concept. Until now, some people doubt whether this was just a tricky video made by a widely imaginative person.


The debate whether her story or existence is real is still True or not. Teresa Fidalgo undoubtedly cemented the horror part in chain letters during the early eras and maybe up until now as new chain letters have gotten the inspiration from her story.

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