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Monday, June 12, 2017

A Loira do Banheiro; The Terror of Blonde in the Bathrooms of Brazil

A Loira do Banheiro

"A Loira do Banheiro" - if you are not familiar with the language Brazilians uses, it is translated as the title means "The Blonde in the Bathroom". This urban legend from the country of Brazil is somehow familiar to the famous urban legends from the US and Japan. Since they all revolve around a woman's unsettling spirit that never ceases to scare everyone who crosses paths with her on the bathroom. Dubbed as the Brazilian version of Bloody Mary or Hanako-san, it was known that every Brazilian child in had experienced the chills whenever they hear the "a Loira do Banheiro" story.

Bloody Mary or Hanako-san

First off, it was said to believe that she is an amazingly beautiful girl with long blonde hair of course. The strange thing is, she is all cut up and she has bloody cotton stuffed in her mouth and nose. Blood streams out of her empty eye socket and some even claims that she appears in the mirror and stares at you, while other beliefs say that she asks you to remove the cotton from her nose. If you are keen to know if she is real or not, you can try to call her to appear. All you have to do to summon her is to only go to the last stall in the bathroom, kick the door three times, flush the toilet three times, turn the tap on and off three times, and say a curse word aloud three times.

If those weren't enough to creep you out, there are three legends of how she came to haunt school bathrooms in Brazil. 

WARNING: Serious creepy feeling might be experienced while reading these three short anecdotes.

1. The Troublemaker

She was once a beautiful student with blonde hair. Just like most normal youth at school, she often skips classes and hung out in the restrooms. She would drink, smoke, and be generally up to no good. One day, during one of these rebellious escapades, she fell. She hit her head on the toilet in the last stall and bled to death. That is why she now haunts the school bathrooms.She is up to no good even after she died.

 Maria Augusta

2. The Viscount's Daughter

This version of the story centers around the girl named Maria Augusta. She was a Brazilian viscount's daughter. Her parents forced her to marry a man she didn't love who was also many years older than she was. Due to this, it wasn't long before she started to have an affair. Maria Augusta and her lover ran off to Europe but she contracted pneumonia and later on, died. Her body was shipped back to her family. They say a mirror in her parents' house shattered the exact moment she died. They put her body in a glass casket and refused to bury her. And that's why she appears on mirrors.

The Naughty Teacher

3. The Naughty Teacher

She was a teacher when she was still living and she fell in love with one of her students. A big offense as a teacher. When her husband found out about her affair, he flew into a jealous rage and murdered her. He stabbed her first, then cut her face to ribbons, and lastly, shoved her face into the toilet in the last stall. He held her head down until she drowned to death. Her affair originated in the school and she also died there. That's why she wants to haunt unknowing victims.

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