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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

For you to keep your relationship strong and healthy, you need to work hard to maintain it. On this article we will know what is the difference between romantic relationship and couple to couple. Forming a healthy relationship is very hard to do, we cannot just to do overnight, we need to put effort and love to maintain a genuine productive love to your partner. Here are some tips on how will you maintain a romantic love to your partner:

Physical Contact

Intimacy gives an important role to maintain a good relationship to your partner. putting your guard down and being vulnerable to one another by holding hands, hugging or cuddling shows that you have a great interest with them .

Open Communications
Communication is key to maintain your romantic interview with your partner. you want to share your ideals and opinions to different types of subjects . you also want that mutual agreements for to handle any kind of situation that comes to your way. Being a friend for someone you are interested with is a bonus since you know that you can be best friend and you will feel that you are actually comfortable with them.

The Same Sense of Humor 

It is important to each relationship that you laugh together most especially when time on is rough . when you laugh on the same things it creates bond to each other and you will accepts each other for who you are.

Emotional Bonding
Having an emotional bonding gives a connection between you and your partner you will be able to trust and care to each other. when you ask if your partner is okay or asking what they are feeling today is actually a sign of creating an emotional bond with your partner. which brings you closer to together.

Making Up After Each Arguments
it very important to make things out after each argument that you have even it is small or big things. being stubborn or fighting one another is what causes you to become distant that can result to a break up. Talking to your partner regarding the problem that you experience and how will resolve it is great communication for to resolve the problem easily.

Do Not Take Your Partner For Granted
Letting your partner know that they are important and they are the greatest that was happen to your life makes your relationship strong. If your partner let you pay for anything and pushing w]away for what they need to say it is actually a sign that person is taking for granted.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

In this article we will reveal all the secrets of the liars for you to determine if your partner is telling the truth or your partner is actually lying to you. Did you also know that lying is 80% undetected? Just think about it, you don't know if all of things that your partner is telling to you is a lie. What questions do you need to ask to reveal the truth and you should observe as well the behavior of your partner.

Here are the ways on how will know if your partner is lying to you:

Ways To Know That You're Partner Is Telling Lies

1. Vague Answers

If you are asking for your partner, always pay attention on how they are going to response. Always ask for a yes or no response if the partner answered is just yes or No meaning they are telling the truth but if your partner is telling too much about the topic that can be sign that your partner is lying. So ask your partner to be straight to the point and observe how they are going to react.

2. Laughing it Off

If your partner is laughing throughout the conversation be alert he/she might be lying to you. They are trying to disarm you with their wonderful sense of humor so play along with them make them comportable with the conversation that you have. After the conversation repeat the question that you asked to your partner. You can repeat the questions as a joke but let them know that you are serious.

3. Exaggerated Honesty

One traits of a liar is exaggeration of honesty to a certain topic someone who is promising and swearing that they are telling the truth even though you didn't show any doubt to them ask them why they are actually trying to convince them that they are telling the truth this questions make them uncomfortable with the questions that was given to them which is great for finding the truth. Tell them "Look why your so worried I believe in you! I just ask you a simple question"

4. Sympathy

It is so hard to determine a person if he/she is.lying if that person is actually sympathetic. That is actually a sign that they are deceiving you to cover their lies. Don't believe to their tricks.

5. Answering Questions with Questions

Anyone feels vulnerable and uncomfortable when they are telling lies. Telling a direct lie people actually avoiding answering the questions by changing the topic or answering you back. The most important thing that you need to remember not to start answering their questions if you do they will be in control. Just tell the person that you are not comfortable with the conversation asked them to answer the questions that they are asking.

6. Freezing

Recieving a long pause to the conversation that you have with your partner especially when you just ask a questions that is very easy to answer. If your partner is freezing for a few seconds repeat your questions again as if you dont suspect anything. If the pause still continued more likely they are telling you lies.

7. One Man Show

If a person is clearly over acting playing as an innocent victim dont get to harsh on them atleast they tried. Person emotions chnages for each second if the person is actuly lying to he/she may act for longer time for you to believe on their lies. Of course you'll see the acting is not true and you are not convince with it.

8. Hostility

Insult's are also clear signs that the person might actually lying to you. Dont let them make you angry and dont forget to asked them what you asked about. Make the conversation calmed and repeat the questions that you wanted to ask yo that person. If your partner he/she is innocent they will not struggle for the conversation and if they that they are guilty they will start to get angry and loose their patients. If your partner keep on responding these phrases "Why do you want to know that?" "That is kot important now" they are using this phrases as a defense as an attack.

9. Repeating the Questions

If the person is actually repeating the questions multiple times he/she is definitely lying to you. Somehow you will noticed they are actually lying to you they are trying to.make time and try to make an explanation from you. Always remember that relling lies is much longer than telling the truth.

10. Avoiding the Answer

For person who is trying to avoid the answer looking for a relevant information or even tried to change the topic of the conversation. He/she is actually getting away from the mistake that they have done to you. Take time to observe if you they still talking about the problem or they actually having a different topic already.

Along with loss of communication to each other, insecure and negative thoughts has a  big impact to each relationship that can be a reason for broken relationships. Psychologist Jeffrey Bernstein states that while it's crucial for both partners to develop listening skills and learn to hear each other out by reflecting on our needs of their significant other, he also discussed that the underlaying toxic thoughts that keep on ourself and not talking about it to your partner. We know that a single problem can be resolved overnight in order for your relationship to progress into a healthy strong relationship we yearn for, the first step is to understand each other and be aware for what you are thinking about your partner.

This are the common thoughts that can destroy your relationship:

Thoughts That Can Destroy Your Relationship

They Don't Love Me Anymore

It is normal to be worry when your partner spend less time with you for being busy in his/her career. But, constantly asking for confirmation of their feeling towards you can start conflict to your relationship. if your always asking these phrases; "Do you really love?" "Do you still love me?. Your partner will start to wonder if theres any possible concerns infact n can lead to broken relationship if are constantly validating your relationship to him/her. instead on jumping to conclusions communicate the feelings that you have with your partner and put things out together.

They Should 

It very annoying if your partner will automatically know what you are thinking, no one has a power to read minds. Thinking, "They should know what annoys me!?" it very unfair with your partner if you are actually not telling that your okay, the bets thing that you need to do is communicate with your partner and tell them what you feel.

It's Their Fault

it very easy to point out that his/her fault for you having a bad day or it her fault why you are in this mess it only worsen your relationship with your partner instead try take the responsibility of the problem that you experience and if you think that is actually your fault always make an apology to his/her that can influence to apologise too. we can't control having a negative relationship to our partner but then we need to take responsibility if theres a mistake that has been acquired.


It is very hard to give predictions to your partner without any evidence about it. You are still accusing them that they are actually cheating to you even though they already informed you they will go overtime to work. It is very important to see your partner who they are and don't blow little things out of proportion.

Less than Perfect 

Comparing your partner to your past relationship can create unrealistic expectations on them.it very important to respect your current partner is and understand that they are not perfect. if you want something to change with your partner you need to talk them and asked them if they are willing to change

You've been with your partner for a long tome now, but how do know that you are actually falling in love to his/her? On your first days together, it is very hard for you to determine if you are actually like his/her. You're unsure of the feelings that you have with your partner whether it is  physical attraction, infatuation, or this is the real emotion that you are actually feel towards his/he. I believe that you are actually wondering what your partner thinks of you snd they've been giving thoughts on developing your relationship. These are the signs that you are actually falling in love with someone.

You Find Yourself Trying New Things

When people fall involve they actually trying new things or taking out of their comfort zone. You are engaging to the activities that your partners favour, you begin to be curious for what they are in to so you actually begins to discover new things with his/her. Including favourite foods, activities and shopping.

Stressed Out

Highest level of stress is cortisol causing to feel anxious. You started things on how will you present yourself to them or thinking what are the words that you wanted to tell them it is very normal that you feel anxious when you are around with your partner but being safe and secured with your partner is essential to your relationship. 

You Feel Motivated 

In the initial stage of dating the chemicals on your brain called dopamine becomes active. if you feel that being with your partner is fulfilling and rewarding you want to feel that instant gratification with your partner so yo do it again and  again by opening more tome on them. in influence your partner with is very visible before you are having hard time waking up in the morning eve since you've been together you feel motivated everyday to woke up.