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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Thoughts That Can Destroy Your Relationship

Along with loss of communication to each other, insecure and negative thoughts has a  big impact to each relationship that can be a reason for broken relationships. Psychologist Jeffrey Bernstein states that while it's crucial for both partners to develop listening skills and learn to hear each other out by reflecting on our needs of their significant other, he also discussed that the underlaying toxic thoughts that keep on ourself and not talking about it to your partner. We know that a single problem can be resolved overnight in order for your relationship to progress into a healthy strong relationship we yearn for, the first step is to understand each other and be aware for what you are thinking about your partner.

This are the common thoughts that can destroy your relationship:

Thoughts That Can Destroy Your Relationship

They Don't Love Me Anymore

It is normal to be worry when your partner spend less time with you for being busy in his/her career. But, constantly asking for confirmation of their feeling towards you can start conflict to your relationship. if your always asking these phrases; "Do you really love?" "Do you still love me?. Your partner will start to wonder if theres any possible concerns infact n can lead to broken relationship if are constantly validating your relationship to him/her. instead on jumping to conclusions communicate the feelings that you have with your partner and put things out together.

They Should 

It very annoying if your partner will automatically know what you are thinking, no one has a power to read minds. Thinking, "They should know what annoys me!?" it very unfair with your partner if you are actually not telling that your okay, the bets thing that you need to do is communicate with your partner and tell them what you feel.

It's Their Fault

it very easy to point out that his/her fault for you having a bad day or it her fault why you are in this mess it only worsen your relationship with your partner instead try take the responsibility of the problem that you experience and if you think that is actually your fault always make an apology to his/her that can influence to apologise too. we can't control having a negative relationship to our partner but then we need to take responsibility if theres a mistake that has been acquired.


It is very hard to give predictions to your partner without any evidence about it. You are still accusing them that they are actually cheating to you even though they already informed you they will go overtime to work. It is very important to see your partner who they are and don't blow little things out of proportion.

Less than Perfect 

Comparing your partner to your past relationship can create unrealistic expectations on them.it very important to respect your current partner is and understand that they are not perfect. if you want something to change with your partner you need to talk them and asked them if they are willing to change

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