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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Couple Captures Creepy Video of an Alien Inside Their House?

Our home is supposed to be our safe haven, It is the place where you can be comfortable about anything since you know it is your territory, you can just relax because you know no one is going to harm you. But what happened to the couple in Greenville, South Carolina can truly ruin the feeling of comfort you have towards your home. What if you're humble abode has a stranger lurking and it is truly a terrifying entity?

A couple from South Carolina believes that they inadvertently recorded a real footage of an actual extraterrestrial entity inside their home. The incident happened on October 31st sometime in the 1980’s. Gina Jones described that evening wherein she was  staying in the house comfortably but suddenly things took a creepy turn when her husband called for her to come outside to look at something he found. Gina went outside and was shocked to see that there was a fleet of UFOs flying in the sky above their home. The couple then decided to take a footage  and began filming the UFO Apparition. The five hovering objects called orbs create a check-mark formation. Suddenly, a plane flies and sees that the orbs have become scattered and one has now disappeared. She did not mind the missing one as she continued filming. She did not expected what happens next.

Gina still films the apparition until the window in her upstairs bathroom comes into the shot. That’s when a creepier part to the story happened, She saw a mysterious figure and she thinks it could be an alien. She went back inside to watch her captured video while her husband looked all around the house to find who or whatever was seen past the window, unfortunately, he didn’t find it.

The video was said to be creepy because whether it is an alien or not, the thought of something entering your house is quite unusual. Gina and her husband came to the conclusion that it looked like a “small man”. People speculated that the figure was only an animal or it could be a prank. The couple stood by to their conclusion as they felt something strange during that time.

Watch the video here:

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