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Monday, December 22, 2014

Unknown Flying Object Hovering Over a Colombian Forest Caught On Tape

Another unknown flying object was spotted. This time around, The so-called "UFO" was seen hovering over the Colombian forest. Someone near the vicinity caught it on tape, The flying object was seen in Medellin, Colombia. The witness to the said "UFO" apparition uploaded the video on YouTube.

The captured video runs for  nearly three minutes. It shows how the object slowly moves farther and farther away to the skies. Due to this video, speculations were being made to fully identify the origin of that flying object. There are talks that it could a space ship for it saucer size shape while others suggests that it is just a drone or it was merely just an unmanned helium balloon. But the 'balloon' speculation is quite impossible since the object isn't moving that much.

The "drone" speculation is also far from being possible since it is too large to be called one. The video is really tricky if it's just a hoax because it is hard to say if it was edited or purely staged. If it's indeed a UFO, what would be its mission over the Colombian forest?

Watch the video here:

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