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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Get To Know the Story of the Real Human Barbie Doll

Some girls aspire to have a fair white skin, long hair and slender body like the famous Barbie doll. A lot of people have admitted of undergoing surgeries to get that distinct "Barbie" look. But what if you meet someone who has a genetic condition that makes her like a real life toy?

Meet Amber Guzman, 28, dubbed by some as the "Real Human Barbie". Amber has to be carried around and have her limbs moved like a toy as she has a body condition called muscular dystrophy which causes her muscles to waste away. The crippling genetic condition is the root cause of her being a real life Barbie doll. Muscular dystrophy progressively weakens and wastes the muscles. This condition also makes her unable to swallow food, that's why she have a very tiny frame. Muscular dystrophy currently has no cure. According to Amber, being compared to Barbie doll made her cope with her condition.
"A true living doll is what I am, not only in my looks but physically. Just like a doll needs help to move everything on its body to get around, I am the same way. Because of my muscular dystrophy, I always need to be picked up or set down in a seat just like a doll does. And it also makes me look skinny, which a lot of people say is like a Barbie too. I love being compared to a living doll. It is what I truly feel like I am now and I'm happy to be one. Being a doll has saved me. My parents put me into modelling when I was very young as people always referred to my looks as doll-like. Even when I walked around on the streets or in a shopping mall, people would stop and stare calling me a dolly girl. I also loved playing with Barbies and my mum would buy me lots of different ones." - Amber Guzman

At 18, Amber met her husband and moved in with him. She also started experiencing initial symptoms of the disease which is weakened arms and legs.
"I was so happy with my life when I met my husband but I started to realize something was going on with my body. It felt like I was wearing a weighted body suit all the time. My joints were weak and it felt like I had heavy weights on my arms and legs. I constantly needed help to move. I had to be picked up in order to get out of bed, seats and even the toilet. Walking became difficult too. I walk with someone holding one arm and with a cane in the other hand. I began going to the doctors and going through the long process of finding out what was the matter with me." - Amber Guzman

"The doctor told me what muscular dystrophy was and how few people, if any, survive long with it. I was scared. One day, suddenly something just snapped in me and I decided to change my life. I realized that my muscular dystrophy was turning me into a real living doll. Being unable to move more and more as the days go by can drive anyone crazy and cause them to get frustrated with themselves.But when I started seeing myself as a living doll who needs to be picked up all the time, it helps me to not be so sad and upset. I just see it as a transformation into the living doll. I loved Barbies so much as a child." - Amber Guzman

Amber also decided to start showing herself off to the world by uploading pictures and videos in Barbie outfits over the internet. In just 8 months, Amber gained almost 10,000 followers on social networks and she gets fan mail every week.
"I began dressing in a Dolly style wearing wigs and contact lenses and started posting videos online. I soon had fans writing to me telling me how they were inspired by me and how I was their role model. I have also gained two clothes sponsorship deals. I also use my videos to raise awareness of muscular dystrophy and show people with any illness that there is a life to live after a major diagnosis. I am the true living doll in every way possible. There's no one like me." - Amber Guzman

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