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Friday, April 1, 2016

Dead Pilot Found Naked In UFO

Dead Pilot Found Naked In UFO

The T3 or T4 which is known to be part of the Solar Warden Military Technology ia also known as “Flying City”. It is operated by the coalition of World Governments, which was ordered a rescue mission to retrieve one of the lost T3′s due to a faulty human error by one of the top secret pilots that entered the wrong coordinates whileperforming the “jump space” phase. The rescue mission was a complete success as they were able to retrieve the entire triangular vehicle still in tact from the rocky terrain of the former planet Pluto. But a video roaming around the net have a much clearer footage of these things. 

"All the lucky chosen pilots have to do, to appear in different parts of the world, is to enter the correct coordinates via longitude/latitude along with degrees in the correct format, however due to human error, fatalities have occured and some ended up on rocky terrains on Mars, in the frozen gases of Venus and the recent rescue mission on Pluto. 
Some cases they were attached to the outside hull stripped of clothing/uniform and bloated. Other cases the latch was open and the pilot slumped over completely naked with gear melted into their eye sockets. Its part of the benefits they say.
Currently one is lost in Jupiter due to heavy acid storms. Its one of the drawbacks when operating advanced technology since human error will always be included. Certain atmospheric conditions if not prepared will make you bloat like a balloon gasping for air. You would think they make the T3′s and T4′s airtight. Even one of the pilots ended up dead on Olympus Mons on one of our nearby planets. The retrieval for their useless corpses costs us taxpayers lots of money just for the mission alone! 
So the next time you see one of these things floating around in your neighborhood, wave to them and say “Hi!” Its nothing new and its nothing special. Everybody knows about these things. Its just they are hiring pretty much anybody to operate these things now. Feel free and see the video yourself. You can just jump to the 28 minute 19second mark to see these things 90% of the public already knew about this by now, did you? "- beforeitsnews.com


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