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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Casa Encantada: The Most Haunted House in Spain

Casa Encantada; The Most Haunted House in Spain

Most horror movie plots takes place in the eerie ambience of haunted places. The most perfect example for that would be haunted houses or mansions. There's a certain creepiness that goes with any plot if it revolves around haunted places. Well, what if there's an actual haunted house in the real world and it is still being dragged in history as a great shocker? Let us know Casa Encantada or also known as Cortijo Jurado. It also means "enchanted house"  and it was built in the 19th century.

It was bought and constructed by the Heredia family of Malaga, one of the wealthiest families of Andalucia, Spain, at that time. There are 365 windows in the mansion, on for each day of the year. It was constructed as part of a plan to make the farm into a grand agricultural enterprise. The legends about it started around the year 1850. Mysterious figures were said to be walking around, lights in rooms that appear and disappear, objects moving for apparently no reason, strange noises. Many stories revolved around this creepy house, in which terrible crimes and tortures were supposed to have happened a long time ago.


Casa Encantada

 In 1925, the Jurado family gained control of the property. In Malaga, they call it "the haunted mansion". This is because there are ghostly apparitions that appear, mysterious voices scream out, and unexplained sound come from the building. It is known as the most haunted building in Spain and is a kind of temple for those who believe in the paranormal realm. People claims that they saw numerous apparitions from the house despite its abandonment. It was believed that the property was hard to get sold or when anyone risks to inhabit the property, they can't stay that long due to the number of ghostly apparitions from the haunted house.



The legend goes that the Heredia family would get together with other rich families of the time. Together, the families would kidnap girls between the ages of 18 and 21. The poor victims would be subjected to dark satanic rituals, some involving rape and murder. They say that the bodies of the young girls are buried within the property. The legends about this house are shocking since it is about terrible tortures and murders of little girls for the sake of "satanic rituals" and it is never accepted. The young girls were said to have undergone very cruel and bloody methods. At that time, the house was inhabited by this very rich family, lots of young girls disappeared and some neighbors talked about screams and strange noises begging for freedom at night. While many girls actually did go missing during the time, no one can prove that the Heredia family was the culprit.


In this modern era, the haunted house is still getting waves due to a recent visit from it done by group of teenagers who wants to test the paranormal phenomena of Casa Encantada. The most famous story revolves around a group of 5 young people who entered the house and conducted an ouija board session inside. According to them, they got the opportunity to contact a little girl called "Elena" - so were the letters indicated on the ouija table. The girl was said to be 12 years old and she had been murdered there. The next words who followed "murder" were "lots of pain" then "kidnap" and when the group asked if she was alone in the haunted house and where she was buried, she replied the creepy remarks "not alone","girls", "patio" and "4(metres)". Then, the group came running away totally scared and while on their way, they witnessed a light that was pointing to a place on the patio.


paranormal phenomena of Casa Encantada

The ghosts of Casa Encantada were said to be the victims of Heradia family and they yearn for justice and freedom from the house who brought them torture and eventually, their death. Locals claimed that the wealthy family actually used their money and influence to pay off the authorities in order to evade justice. Whatever the truth may be, the people who believes in paranormal phenomenons still believes that the pain and suffering that happened within the house caused its spooky reputation. 

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