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Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Haunted Origin of the Cursed Kleenex Commercial from Japan

Cursed Kleenex Commercial

Promoting a product is not an easy thing to do. You need to make sure you know your market. And when you know your market, you will try to get their attention. And that's the hardest part, how do you attract your market to try your product? That's why commercials and print advertisements are truly crucial for companies. But what happens when the commercial turns out to be cursed? Paranormal curse, as we speak.

Is it going to be a good publicity for the product or is it the end of it? Looks like a famous tissue product had a first hand experience with an alleged "cursed" commercial. The cursed commercial was dubbed by urban legends expert to be so cursed that it played the lives of  the people involved in it in a very terrifying way.


The Haunted Origin of the Cursed Kleenex Commercial from Japan

In 1985, Japanese television viewers began to complain extensively about a certain Kleenex tissues commercial which they found to be extremely unsettling that whenever it is on, they can't stop getting goosebumps. The spot was one of three Kleenex ads produced for Japanese TV in 1986, the woman in the video is Keiko Matsuzaka; and the strange-looking baby is dressed as a demon from Japanese mythology. But that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from churning out a particularly chilling urban legend. The ad depicted the strange and grumpy red devil child sitting on a bale of hay while a young woman innocently attempted to cheer it up with a floating tissue, all to the tune of Jane and Barton’s 1983 famous song “It’s a Fine Day”.

Another theory is that the curse actually originated from the song playing in the background is an old German curse. It’s a Fine Day was written by Edward Barton and sung by Jane Lancaster. The song was nevertheless great and the product is truly useful but the complaints just kept on coming. Whether the campaign actually moved tissues in Japan is still unknown. What is known is that it did move Japanese viewers to call for the commercial to be taken off of the air. Well, it is not that common to be hearing Japanese people being vocal about their complaints so when this happens, it is a sure sign that something eerie or strange is going on.


According to the urban legend, the curse of the Kleenex commercial all started with the crew. The cameraman was said to have been burned to death in a bizarre sauna malfunction incident that sounds like it could have been a scene from the famous horror franchise Final Destination films. Some even claimed that by the time the commercial started to air, the entire crew was already dead, each one of them got to meet their own death through a bizarre yet accidental manner. To be fair, Matsuzaka is still alive and working today

Cursed Kleenex

Though it is not yet proven, some people are still convinced that this commercial is haunted and it may be connected to multiple deaths. After the recording of the ad was posted to YouTube on May 23, 2006, more than one individual has reported experiencing frightening phenomena when the clip was played during midnight. Some even say that watching the video at midnight caused some viewers to go insane and commit suicide. Do you dare to watch it?


Regardless of the reality behind the urban legend, it’s still a creepy advertisement if you ask meI. What I'm trying to say is that how can someone relate a demon baby's relevance with facial tissues? Is he some sort of dirt that can be wiped off by a facial tissue that easy? Or it is a reminder that some creepy rituals are hidden and disguises itself in advertisements? That’s the real mystery that we might unravel in a fine day.

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