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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Terrifying Urban Legend of Hikiko San, The Bullied Ghost

The Terrifying Urban Legend of Hikiko San, The Bullied Ghost

Nowadays, we can see various kinds of platforms to prevent bullying and abuse. Bullying is never okay as it endangers people not only physically, but also their emotional and mental capacities are also being hurt. Well, it is now on us to prevent bullying unless we want to see the menace of Hikiko-San. We don't need another Hikiko-san roaming the world because it would freak the crap out of anyone who gets to encounter her.

Hikiko is popularly known as the bullied ghost from Japan. Her terror is a famous urban legend of a girl who got beat up and bullied to death. She craves for revenge. To have her revenge, she targets students from various schools, as long as there is a bully, Hikiko-san will be there to teach them a wicked lesson.


Hikiko San

Her story is known to be famous that it became a good way to prevent bullies from harming their victims. Hikiko-san is a young girl. She gets beaten by her parents at home, causing her to be slightly deformed. This deformity causes Hikiko-san to be bullied by her classmates. One day, it all became too much for her and she committed suicide, though some also claims that she was killed by her father. She came back from the dead to have her revenge.



Aside from the lore that it had featured in the silver screen, there is another tale about Hikiko. One day, a girl who's a known bully was walking down some stairs down a bridge when she thought she saw a girl walking and holding her teddy bear as she looked closer it was a zombie-like girl dragging a human body.The girl ran due to fear but she tripped and Hikiko got her and dragged her until she got decapitated from the vengeful ghost. It is said that one of the boys from Hikiko's class saw her spirit after her death. She was dragging the lifeless body of one of her tormentors behind her. When he told the police about it, Hikiko-san killed him that same night.



There is another tale that goes about Hikiko's terror. There were some beliefs that she would attack an entire school, decapitating people or pulling off their limbs. Then, she would drag the bodies or limbs behind her, covering the walls and floor in blood. Any unlucky folks who unknowingly gets to enter the building during one of these attacks becomes part of the dead list. Afterwards, the school would be shut down and abandoned due to the havoc she caused.



Because Hikiko-san is recognized for her long black hair that often hangs in front of her face, she became the inspiration for Samara (Sadako Yamamura) in the Ring trilogy. Well, if her infamous tales of attacks aren't enough to scare you, then here is another story about her from elginpk.com:

"Hi, my name is Hana, i'm a student from the high school and today is when i must go to my little brother's elementary school to bring him home.Usually is my mother that would do this but she had to do a job in other city so i would have to take care of my brother and our house for two days.  
No, i'm not a troublemaker, in fact i'm a very responsible person, i'm the number one in my class, i excel in every sport and i love my brother too much to fight with him, so he is in good hands.  
So, now is 19:00 hours and i was suposed to have reached my brother's school 30 minutes earlier but the train was so slow because it someone had fall down in the railways so i had to wait before the train reached the closest station to jump into another one.

When i got to the gates i noticed that nobody was there, which is strange considering that the teachers only leave after all the students have been taken.Not even the security was in sight. 
As i was entered the door i saw something that made me throw up, it was the sight of blood on the walls and on the floor.  I prayed hard for my brother don't hurt, or worse, dead.  
As i passed by the classrooms i saw that everything was out of the place, as if someone tried to hold the chairs and desks but something pulled them and knocked down the objects.  
I needed to use the stairs to go to the second floor(my brother's class) but the lights on the entire floor were down so i got from my pocket my flashlight of emergency(yes, i try to be ready to any circumstance) and let me say that i started to regret doing this.
On the whole extension of the corridor lots of kid's bodies were either decapitated and/or missing some limbs, it was awful.How the teachers didn't do a thing?!
Fear started to run through my veins as i entered all the classrooms on the floor, only to be met by blood and body's pieces. 

Finally i got to the last classroom, i opened the door, my heart beating so loud that even my respiration seemed more like a whisper.My hands were sweating and my eyes blinked fast to clean them from the non-existent dirty.  
I opened the door and in front of me was a girl, her skin was gray, lifeless, her long and black hair covered her face but even without it i couldn't see clearly her eyes nor her mouth.What i saw though shocked me to my very core.  
In one of her hands was a kid's arm, but it wasn't anyone's arm.It was my brother's arm, i knew it because it had the bracelet that i made for him as a sign of our friendship and love.That arm had patches of blood on the end where it should be connected to a shoulder.  
I was afraid, i froze but i was also angry. I was felling too much emotions to think clearly so my body acted itself and made me run in the girl's direction.I grabbed her clothes so tight that my fingers were turning white from the loss of blood circulation.
I wanted to kill her, but deep inside me i knew that i would never get my revenge since she was already dead.

I saw my mother, she was crying together with our father in front of our graves.Yes, the fall killed me since i fell from two floors and right on the gate.The metal had broken my spine and damaged almost all of my organs. 
The "killer" was never found, the school was closed and abandoned.
I didn't revenged my brother but now, both of us are watching over our parents, protecting them from any danger, waiting the day that they'll reunite with us.
Sometime later mysterious deaths of elementary kids were reported in dozens of schools around Japan, it was her again, Hikiko-san."

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