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Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Terror Behind Lucia Joaquin; The Millennials Ghost of the Philippines

The Terror Behind Lucia Joaquin; The Milennial Ghost of the Philippines

People around the world finds it hard to stay away from the grandiose world of social media. It seems like we are in an era of selfies, instant news and even instant friendships. Well, there is no problem with that as long as you don't put yourself to grave danger. But how will someone react when the seemingly innocent online chat turns out to be a deadly encounter from a cursed soul? The whole web was taken by storm through a very odd and creepy story of Lucia Joaquin. Who is Lucia Joaquin? She might be the new urban legend that's out to terrify the "milennials"  or also known as the young generation in the age of social media.

Who is Lucia Joaquin and how come she took social media by storm? For starters, her claim to fame is through the numerous posts reacting to a video circulating around a conversation between her and a man named Enzo Cruz. Is she for real? Will she give the Filipino urban legend department a new face? These are the questions circulating online. It was said that it all started with creepy chat conversation of Lucia Joaquin and Enzo Cruz.

The Terror Behind Lucia Joaquin

Now that you are done watching the clip before or you intentionally skipped playing it, let me ask you a question. Have you experienced waking up at the wickedly infamous "witching hour" 3:00 AM? Waking up at 3AM without any reason? This was said to be experienced by Enzo Cruz. From the story circulating online, he woke up at 3am to go to loo or go to the comfort room. After peeing, he went back to bed but was unable to go back to sleep. Knowing the milennials, he just decided to go online and logged in to his Facebook account thinking that this would help him to come back from sleep. Little did he know that he is in for a spooky treat.


Suddenly, an unknown online contact that goes by the name Lucia Joaquin started to have an online chat with him. Unknowingly to what the terror he is about to face, Enzo replied friendly enough to anything that this unknown Lucia Joaquin is saying, Lucia Joaquin is depicted with a profile picture that is too dark to see. It is too dark that you won't see how she looks. Enzo tried to ask her about any clear photo but Lucia reasoned out about her not-so-clear profile photo. She used that she’s just new to Facebook and that her room was too dark when she took the photo. Enzo friendly suggested Lucia to use the flash feature of her phone since we are now living in the selfie generation wherein we can easily take photos with decent phones. Enzo unknowingly started the terror that he is about to encounter.

After exchanging pleasantries to each other, Enzo suggested his new friend to take a photo of herself. Lucia acknowledged the suggestion and even told him that the next time they exchange messages, they will be having a photo together. Enzo considered about it and said that when they meet each other personally, they can take a photo together. Lucia sent eerie messages afterwards hinting about their photo together to be taken anytime soon. Enzo tried to play it cool until he received a photo showing him in his room, exactly how he looks at that night. But this time, everything comes full circle as he sees the photo of himself with a creepy being beside him. Lucia is with him all this time to terrify him.


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