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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Beware Of The Midnight Bus 375: The Terrifying Chinese Urban Legend

Transportation is truly an important factor of our daily lives. It simply leads any individual to do what he/she needs to accomplish. That's why safety in transportation is an absolute concern all the time, anywhere, anytime. With transportation as anchor of our topic, what would you do if something unsafe and troublesome starts to unfold in your eyes? Will you let it happen and accept your unfortunate fate?

Or would you do all it takes to save yourself from danger? This question was answered in a famous urban legend from China. Folks, here is "The Midnight Bus from Beijing" urban legend. As the legend goes, a driver, conductor, and four passengers which includes a young couple, an old woman, and a young man were riding on bus 375 at midnight.

The legend starts with a young man who was on his way home late one night. The streets were usually empty except for the occasional motorists, and the only one at the bus stop with him was an old man, some says it is an old woman. The midnight bus arrived and they boarded it without any hesitation The old man took a seat near the front of the bus while the young man sat a couple of rows behind him.

 There was a couple who completed the set passengers with them. After awhile, the bus stopped and three new passengers climbed aboard and comfortably sat behind the driver’s seat. The old man was immediately disturbed by the men and kept looking back at them. After a few stops, the young couple got off leaving the driver, the conductor, the young man, the old man and the new passengers on the bus.

Several minutes later, the old man suddenly stood up and confronted the young man. He looked angry, and accused the young man of stealing his wallet. The young man was angry at being accused of something so preposterous. The argument became more heated until the old men angrily declared that both of them must get off the bus and settle their argument at the nearest police station. The young man at first did not want to go with the old man, but then gave in just to settle the matter and prove his innocence from the old man.

Once they reached outside, the young man was shocked to see that the old man was no longer angry -  in fact, he looked so relieved. When he asked the old man what the fuss was all about, the old man answered: “I just saved both our lives.”
To which the young man responded with a confused “Huh? What are you talking about?”
“Did you see the two passengers?” the old man replied.
“Yeah, so what?” replied the young man, more miffed and bewildered with what the old man is trying to say.
“Well, unlike you, I took a closer look. They have no feet; they were just floating on air. Those two were ghosts!” the old man responded with full conviction!

The old man apologized and explained further the reason why he was certain that two of the three men who had gotten on the bus were ghosts and that they were about to do something horrible to the bus. The young man was so shocked upon hearing it. Sure enough, the next morning the bus was all over the news as it was found submerged in a reservoir. Inside the bus, they found the decomposed bodies of the driver, the conductor, and an unidentified man. Without the two men in sight. Got some goosebumps?

One thing is actually clear here whether the legend is real or fake, there mightt be something more than the bus rides in Beijing that can actually cost your life.

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