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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Evidence of Angels Existence Supported by Soviet Cosmonauts

Evidence of Angels Existence Supported by Soviet Cosmonauts

The world we live in is truly filled with mysteries. We grew up believing in different perspectives and we are all in unison that there's freedom in choosing what we want to believe. One perfect example of that would be the vast amount of religions we are free to choose from. And with this beliefs, we are filled with different concepts from religion. One concept or idea that stemmed from religions would be the existence of angels. Are they for real? Well, a new evidence captured by soviet cosmonauts points out that they might be real. The common human perception of angels would be them flying them to Earth from heaven or the clouds in our endless skies but the new evidence, conspiracy theories, and even reports have shown that might be far from true because where the real angels reside is actually somewhere much further than our Earth's atmosphere - they live in. They are now allegedly seen living in SPACE.

You might find this claim a weird thing because space is endless and left unexplored. There are still many questions  that was left to be unanswered even when technology advances at such a rapid pace. However, a current report of angels existing in space has actually been around for 32 years. Back in 1985, Russian cosmonauts who were on the space station were getting worried as their space station has been blacking out and smoke appearing out of nowhere. They were getting bothered that the space station was close to be shutting down. Then, one day, the orange smoke was worst than ever and even caused a white light that blinded all cosmonauts residing at the space station. When their vision was finally cleared, all cosmonauts claimed to see a floating being outside the space station's window which had wings and was huge in size.

At first, they panicked but they calmed down eventually by the smile present on this otherworldly being's face. Immediately after the incident, the cosmonauts reported to their supervisor on Earth. The suprevisor made the conclusion that they had gone mad from being isolated on the space station for too long. He then sent another new team of cosmonauts such that the ones on space could be sent back home and given evaluative check-ups. The shocking revelation was that the new team of cosmonauts claimed to also see the same thing, but they were already checked to be all in good health.

 Is there such thing as ANGELS in SPACE? This claim by the original cosmonauts is further backed up by other proofs. There was a retired NASA craft operator who has claimed that he once saw a large alien being able to talk to 2 cosmonauts. He had worked for NASA for over 34 years, and only released the information when he finally retired. The original leak from the Russian cosmonauts back in 1985 was further supported by a Hubble Project engineer, who has further claimed that the Hubble telescope had captured pictures of these angels for awhile. These startling evidences gives us the million dollar question - Do angels really live in space? Watch the full report about the 1985 incident here.


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